Monday, April 16, 2007

I've Moved to Celebration, Florida - In My Mind, At Least

Back in '99, I visited the town of Celebration, Florida. It was love at first site.

You've probably heard of it -- it's the town that Disney built.

Well, for the last eight years, I've lived in Celebration -- in my mind, at least.
I've drunk coffee by the lake. I've met chatted with friends on my front porch. I've played with my daughter in the fountains. I've walked hand in hand with my wife down moonlit streets.

In reality, I've got a Celebration t-shirt, a Celebration baseball cap, a Celebration keyring, a Celebration fridge magnet, a Celebration mug. I've got pictures of Celebration on a cork board in my kitchen.
Each one is a symbol. Each one is a message to the universe that I live in Celebration.
And one day, I'll walk up the steps and unlock the front door of a wonderful home in Celebration -- for real.
What's your dream? And what can you get that will symbolise it?
I'll see you on the back roads...

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