Saturday, April 21, 2007

Confession of a Book Addict

I admit it. I'm a book addict. I've a study covered from floor to ceiling with shelves packed with books. And there's piles of books on the floor.

The shelves in Barnes & Nobel are almost empty after my vacation in Florida.

Here's what I bought. It's a weird mix of self-help and marketing books.

Simpleology - The Simple Science of Getting What You Want by Mark Joyner

Affilitate Millions - Make a Fortune Using Search Marketing on Google and Beyond by Anthony Borelli and Greg Holden

The Science of Getting Rich - Wallace D. Wattles

The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau

The Science of Success by James Arthur Ray

What the Bleep Do We Know? by William Arntz, Betsy Chase, and Mark Vicente

The Gift by Shad Helmstetter

Think Yourself Rich by Joseph Murphy

Why You're Dumb, Sick & Broke... And How To Get Smart, Healthy, and Rich by Randy Gage

Beyond Positive Thinking by Dr Robert Anthony

The Type-Z Guide to Success by Marc Allen

and when I got home from vacation Amazon had delivered

The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History by Joe Vitale

Adventures Within by Joe Vitale

Phew! Luckily I'm on a speed reading course on Wednesday!

I'll see you on the back roads...


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