Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How an Early Morning Meeting Revealed the Power of Beyond Manifestation

For the last week I've been listening to Joe Vitale's Beyond Manifestation. It's real 'back roads' stuff.

In it, Joe encourages his audience to state an intention and to simply follow inspiration. Only yesterday I got a real live demonstration of the power of this approach.

In the morning I had a meeting in the city. I arrived in the city early, went to Starbucks, and sat sipping my chai tea latte looking up at Edinburgh castle.

After draining my mug, I headed for the local bookstore only to find it closed. I checked my wristwatch - an hour to go. I reckoned it was time to head off for the meeting.

But I had no idea how to get to this meeting. I'd never visited the office before and all I knew was the name of the street and roughly where it was in the city. I'd not looked at a map and I'd not asked for directions.

As I don't drive, I set off on foot to find the office. I left the heart of the city and headed for where I thought the office was located.

I came to an area of the city known as Dean Village. Here the road crossed a river over a stone bridge. But rather than follow the road my instinct told me to take a narrow cobbled lane that led down.

I left the Georgian townhouses behind and found myself walking beside stone cottages and 18th century tenements. It was wonderful. I felt I'd gone back in time.

When the path split, I simply followed the most interesting path. I passed a gorgeous red sandstone building with a turret. I crossed a narrow footbridge over the river. I passed courtyards strung with washing lines.

The path climbed and I left behind the cobbled lanes and old houses. It led me on to a narrow street with mews on one side and an old, tree-lined graveyard on the other.

I kept to the street and soon it came to a crossroads with a large road. And what sat on one corner of this crossroads? The office where I was attending the meeting.

I was blown away! Only a few hours earlier, riding the bus into the city, I'd been listening to Joe Vitale talk about setting an intention and following inspiration. And here I was demonstrating the power of following Joe's approach.

I'd set an intention - to find the office - and I'd followed inspiration - simply taking the path that looked the most interesting.

I think there's a message there. I'll leave you to work it out for yourselves.

I'll see you on the back roads...